McBeath Real Estate was originally established in 1964 as an independent agency. Each year we discreetly sell hundreds of properties without all the unnecessary hype.

We may not be as well-known as other agencies, that’s because we don’t make a big fuss by plastering agent photos everywhere. Instead, we’re straight shooters and prefer to focus simply on our clients property, not our agents. In fact, we achieve most our results privately, before the public sees it.


All our agents are mature, discreet and professional. And we get results without the typical agent hype.



sold at record prices

We achieve record sales prices even though most of our sales happen before they appear on the likes of Realestate.com.au and Domain saving you thousands in advertising.


Our database of buyers has over 2 million contacts. Even though we are not a big brand, we have a big database.

Most likely we have a buyer for your property sitting in our database right now!


We know the do’s and don’t s of selling property that enable us to achieve the highest possible sales price.

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The age of mass marketing properties is quickly approaching an end. Highly targeted marketing is now essential. We know how and where to find your buyers.


Agents charge around 2% commission. For example, a property sold at $500,000 means you would pay $10,000 in commission, that’s a nice holiday. And a property sold at $1,000,000 is a huge $20,000 commission. That’s a fantastic holiday. Our commission is only 1% and we get sensational results.

our results are amazing

Overall, we have achieved 23% over market value for all the properties we have sold.


Properties sold off market are increasing dramatically in popularity. People are preferring to sell discreetly at the same time save on ridiculous advertising costs.


Below are some case studies on how we have helped customers in different ways to sell their property.

The Classic Scenario

A Brisbane couple came to us after having tried a well known agency.

At first they we skeptical as they could not find anything about us on the web. Of course we explained, that was intentional and in fact was most likely the reason why their property had not sold.

You see they engaged an agent that told them what they wanted to hear just to get their listing.

By the time this agents time was up, the property was stale and buyers had lost interest.

Worse, they had spent nearly $10,000 on marketing that in essence did nothing other than promote the agent and agencies brand.

This is a classic scenario where agencies tell you “you can’t sell a secret” type of rubbish statement. That’s all very well, but they’re not the ones just wasted nearly $10,000 out their pocket.

Fortunately all was not lost as we could still help. We evaluated their property and what market it would most suit. Then we commenced our own property marketing and within 2 weeks, that’s right 2 weeks, we sold for well over market value.

To Make Over Or Not

Most agencies will tell you to spend money doing up your property prior to selling it.

Well it depends on whom your target market is.

We sold a “return serviceman’s home” as is, with not a lick of paint.

Our client was told by numerous agents you must get some landscaping done, repaint inside and out, attend to a minor roof repair and so. Oh and yes, pay for advertising on top.

Bollocks we said!

It’s about knowing the market and who the likely buyers are. And we sold this property for 20% more than what other agents had said it would fetch.

And without the owner spending one cent.

The Best Price

A popular response you will hear from agents is that you will only achieve the best price via an auction process.

A client of ours also expressed this same concern of not being able to achieve the best price without an auction. They put their trust in our process and here’s what happened.

We had two potential buyers that were interested in their property. Neither of them new each other, nor could see or speak with each other. But each of them new there was another buyer who wanted their property.

Often with auctions these days, many are passed in as buyers are more shrewd. So the pressure cooker environment is not always effective as many buyers wait and make an offer after it is passed in giving them a buying edge.

However, whenever you have two buyers that cannot see or know how much the other buy wants that same property, you generate a fear of loss every time. Even with only one buyer this effect works well. No longer can the buyer see other buyers at an auction NOT bid. We of course fuel the sense of urgency and fear of loss.

And it’s their own imagination that does the rest.

And that is exactly what occurred and we achieved a record sales price. Without hoards of people swarming through their property like you would on a weekly basis with pre-auction open homes.


The sales price we got was amazing. We had more buyers wanting our property than I thought possible. Just amazing results. No complaints at all.

I. Ward / Brisbane


We saved heaps on what we would have paid with other agencies and got the price we wanted. Great work Mcbeath team.

M.Portas / Melbourne


I was told I needed to sell via auction to get the best price. Not so. We got a great price and in less than 3 weeks. Wow, very impressed.

R. Huddle / Sydney


I own 11 investment properties and have sold 4 with Mcbeath as they always get the very best prices with the least amount cost to me.

A. Stevens / Sydney


I must say i was very happy when we didn’t have to have a whole lot of people wander through our home. The whole process was fabulous.

A. Wilkson / Brisbane


We had tried 3 other agents. The other agents were all typical hype. But McBeath did their job with no fuss and achieved a fantastic price.

S. Bloore / Melbourne

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